Today’s Devotion. Tonight’s Music.

Good afternoon!

No Matins today. Instead I encourage you to read the assigned text for today with your family or by yourself. Below is today’s assigned “writing” by Luther from the Treasury. I’d love to read your thoughts on it in the comments section (below).

Also, tonight at 7pm is our first midweek service for Advent. The order of service will be Evening Prayer from LSB. We last heard this service back in Lent when the lockdown occurred, so I encourage you to listen to the music to refresh your memory before the service. See you then!

Peace in Christ,
Pastor Courie

Today’s Writing

“When faith begins, God does not forsake it; He lays the holy cross on our backs to strengthen us and to make faith powerful in us. The holy Gospel is a powerful Word. Therefore it cannot do its work without trials, and only he who tastes it is aware that it has such power. Where suffering and the cross are found, there the Gospel can show and exercise its power. It is a Word of life. Therefore it must exercise all its power in death. In the absence of dying and death it can do nothing, and no one can become aware that it has such power and is stronger than sin and death. Therefore the apostle says “to prove you”; that is, God inflicts no glowing fire or heat – cross and suffering, which make you burn – on you for any other purpose than “to prove you,” whether you also cling to His Word. Thus it is recorded in Wisdom of Solomon [from the Apocrypha] 10:12 of Jacob: “God sent him an arduous contest, so that he might know that godliness is more powerful than anything.” God lays a cross on all believers in order that they may taste and prove the power of God – the power which they have taken hold of through faith.” -Martin Luther

1 thought on “Today’s Devotion. Tonight’s Music.

  1. Pastor Zachary thank you for the devotions today. Be safe and well. Yours in Christ, Lavona


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