Matins – Monday, August 10th

Good morning!

There are two videos below for today. I explain in the first, short video why. An additional note is that I forgot how fast this recording of the Benedictus is – it’s laughable in my opinion, so I’ll lead us to sing it acapella for the remainder of the week. Follow along with this week’s Congregation at Prayer and here’s an online version of the Benedictus.

If you don’t already have a printed order of Matins, or would like a printed Benedictus (as we’ll be alternating between it and the Te Deum), please let me know and I’ll mail one to you.

Peace in Christ,
Pastor Courie

2 thoughts on “Matins – Monday, August 10th

  1. Thank you for the Matins today and the prayer for the Missionary. Blessings to you and your family. Yours in Christ, Lavona

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    1. Thank you, Lavona, and to you, as well.


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