Service: First Sunday After Easter

Alleluia! He is risen!

Please forgive the delay. The video is now below. (Please also excuse the few times I reference the “Second Sunday After Easter” as it is actually the First Sunday After Easter, though also known as “Easter 2”. I was confused.) Anyway, here’s the bulletin though again all of your parts will be on the screen as you watch. Thank you to Christina and our girls for singing the hymns with me.

Also, here’s this week’s Congregation at Prayer sheet.

Now, you know about the Hunchback of Notre Dame, right? As a baby, he was dropped off at the Parisian cathedral’s door step on this the First Sunday After Easter, and so was named after it: Quasimodo.

This Sunday’s full name, “Quasimodo Geniti”, comes from the first words of today’s introit: “As newborn babes, Alleluia, desire the pure milk of the Word. Alleluia!” Quasi means “resembling”, modo means “fashion, style” and is where we get the word “model” as in something to copy/follow. Geniti means “begotten, engendered, or produced” and thus is where we get the word “generation”, translating to “newborn children” or “babes”.

In other words: let us resemble infants who need to be fed with milk, though ours is to be the pure, unadulterated Word of Christ.

May today’s service be a blessing to you as we ponder together how the Lord revealed Himself to ten of His disciples, then to Thomas, and then also to us.

The peace of the Lord be with you always.

In His service,
Pastor Courie

5 thoughts on “Service: First Sunday After Easter

  1. Thank you Pastor Zachary for service you prepared for us today. God’s Blessings always. from Lavona

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    1. You’re welcome, Lavona, and thank you.


  2. As Lavonnna said thanks be to God for all that you do. Thank you Pastor Courie for all that you do.

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  3. Christopher C Stuart April 19, 2020 — 8:26 pm

    Thank you and may God be with you!

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