Service: Maundy Thursday

Greetings in Christ and a blessed Maundy Thursday to you!

Download the bulletin to follow along with the video. I faced some technical challenges, which led me to have to remove the closing hymn. Instead, the audio file for that is below, in case you’d like to sing it after the video has ended.

547 – The Lamb

I would appreciate any feedback you have for me, especially as to your preference between the audio-only services I’ve done so far, or this video. You can give your feedback in the comments section (below), or reply to the email I sent out, or you can even comment on the YouTube page for this video.

Peace in Christ,
Pastor Courie

5 thoughts on “Service: Maundy Thursday

  1. Pastor Zach I did like seeing you during this time. This was more personal to me. It seemed like you were here talking to me. Thank you. Blessings to you and yours.


    1. Wonderful. Thank you for that feedback, Lavona. I plan to have more videos moving forward. Peace be with you.


  2. What a blessing this service was, Pastor! Thanks be to God! I also agree with Lavona that it did seem like you were here talking with us. We loved the video! Thank you Pastor, and may you have a Blessed Easter!


    1. Thank you for that feedback, Karla. I’m glad to hear it was a blessing to you all. A blessed Easter to you as well.


  3. Kareen Brueggemann April 10, 2020 — 12:44 pm

    I, like the others, appreciate this service. It was wonderful. Comforting during this time of separation from our church fellowship. My favorite season of the church and we are unable to commune together is sad. But so very much enjoyed this service. And yes, especially seeing your face made it seem more personal. Thank you 🙏❤️🙏


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